More Little Mouse Deer Tales

Little Mouse Deer tricks Elephant
One day Little Mouse Deer was running through the forest. He was not looking where he was going so he fell into a deep pit. He tried again and again to climb out ob the pit but the sides were too steep. “What am I do?” he asked himself. “I wasn’t looking where I was going and now I am stick in this pit for ever.” Then Little Mouse Deer heard Elephant stomping through the forest and he had an idea. “I’ll trick Elephant into helping me out of this deep pit,” he said him self.

In this story, a little mouse, Little Mouse Deer is the leadng charater.
He is little bit clever but tricky and this book contains several tales sbout him.
In the first story he fell into a deep pit when he running through the forest.
He tried to evacuate from the pit again and again but he could not do that.
He thought hecan’t escape from there forever and he regret he didn’t look where he is going to go when he was running the forest.
On that occasion, Elephant walked toward him.
He conceived trick Elephant….
Will he evacuate the pit…..?
An endding was fun.

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Hair Scare

On Monday night, Jamie was in bad mood. His dad would not let him stay up late to watch the football match on television. “Just you wait!” shouted Jamie, down the stairs, past Charliedog. “Just you wait until I’m grown up! Then we’ll see who’s the boss round here!” Charliedog squirmed and tried to hide. He didn’t like people shouting. “I wish I was grown up RIGHT NOW!” Jamie yelled. Jamie fell a sleep. In his dream, something was tickling his face.

In this story, a leading character, Jamie travels his awful dream.
On Monday night, Jamie was in ill humor because he was said “you have to go to bed soon because you are a child,” from his dad.
But he wanted to watch football game on terevision. So he thought “I wish I was grown up RIGHT NOW!!”
And he gentry obeyed his dad’s words, he went to bed. After he fell a sleep, he have a awful dream….
This story is funny but I don’t want to have a dream.


Egyptian Adventure

Nadim and Anneena came to play at Biff and Chip’s house. Nadim had a book about the Ancient Egyptians. “It isn’t just a book to read,” said Nadim.”It’s a special sort of book.” “It’s a model book,” said Nadim. He opened it to show everyone. “I get it,” said Chip. “You press out the shapes. Then you fold and glue them to make a model.” The book had lots of shapes to press out and fold. Nadim pointed to one. “Can you see what this will be?” he asked.

In this story, Biff, Chip and their friends, Nadim and Anneena travel Ancient Egypt.
Onday, Nadim and Anneena visit Biff and Chip’s house. And Nadim shows them a book about the Ancient Egyptians. It is not just a normal book to read, it is a pop-up book.
And they fold and glue the book to make a model. And when they press out and fold it, the magic key begans glow….
Then, in the another moment, they are in Ancient Egypt.
They travel the world and they meet lots of danger and see a varius kinds of beautiful landscapes.
I like this series so this tale is so fun for me.
I like the sean that they see a pyramid.

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Save Floppy!

The last magic adventure had gone wrong. Floppy had been left behind. A giant bird had flown off with him. This was because a horrid genie had escaped from a bottle. “And it was all my fault,” said Biff. “We’ve got to rescue Floppy,” said Chip. “We must go back into the adventure.” “But we can’t make the key glow,” said Biff. “I know,” said Chip, “but we must try. We have to find a way to get the genie back in the bottle.” Biff and Chip looked at the magic key.


The Kidnappers

Kipper was sad because the magic key would not glow. He looked at the key for a long time. At last he fell a sleep. Suddenly the key glowed and the magic began to work. Kipper’s toys were coming to life. Teddy gave Kipper a shake. “Wake up,” he said. “The magic key is glowing. The magic was working.” Kipper sat up and rubbed his eyes. He looked at his toys. “Come on, Kipper,” said Catsimir. “Hurry up! It’s time for a magic adventure.”


Big Liam, Little Liam

This is the story of two boys with the same name. Big Liam used to live with his mum in a flat, just the two of them. His name was Liam Morden back then. He was almost taller than his mum and he called her ‘Tiny Tina’! Little Liam Kelly used to live with his dad, Jim, in their house, just two of them. Every Saturday night they had a takeaway pizza and watched the big football match on telly.


What Was It Like?

The children were excited. They were going to take part in a play. It was all about the history of the town. The play was going to be held in the park, and the children had to rehearse their scene. “I hope we don’t forget what to do,” said Chip. Gran had come to watch the rehearsal. “My goodness!” she said. “I don’t believe it! Biff is wearing a dress!” “That’s because we’re children from World War Two,”said Biff. “Girls didn’t wear trousers then.”